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Podcast with Sister Mary Joy and The Change Makers: How to Create Better Lives.

In episode seven we listen to the extraordinary story of Sister Mary Joy as she moves from being Europe’s first female professional firewoman to being a jockey, a nun, and then a Change Maker. Sister Mary Joy established The Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre which provides riding and equine therapy for children with special needs and people with dementia.

To listen to the podcast please click here.

To learn more about Change Makers and the podcast series please read below:

In this exciting new podcast series, Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett (@SirTomHH) interviews founders of charities, social businesses and social movements, highlighting the wonderful work being done right here in the UK.

After a successful business career, Tom left the financial sector to become Chair of Marie Curie. He has led the government review on charitable giving, founded two successful charities and backed many others, some of which failed. The charity founder he admires most is his wife - founder of Smart Works.

Working with four of the country's leading charitable foundations, The National Lottery Community Fund, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, The Fore and Suffolk Community Foundation; The Change Makers identified fifty founders from eighteen year old to eighty year olds, from north to south, from health to ornithology.

Listen to find out - Why did they do it? What skills do you need? Will your obsession cause you happiness or great pain? Can you afford to do this? Will the state be your friend? Are funders saints or exasperating? How do you hand on your charity to somebody else? Do you need a business plan? Should you fly solo or find a friend as your cofounder who has complimentary skills to your own?


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