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About the Pony Centre

We are an inner city community RDA riding school for children and young people, many of whom have learning difficulties and physical disabilities. We provide a safe environment for children and adults a like to flourish. Come and get involved by offering to help with fund raising, joining the volunteering programmes or taking part in any of our pony activities.

About Us

Founded in 1989, the Centre is a registered charity (No. 1045045) providing riding and equine therapy for children, specialising in those with special needs and physical disabilities.

Over the years the Pony Centre has grown from 3 ponies and hand-built stables to a professional establishment with a traditional stable yard that homes 16 horses and ponies and 2 donkeys.


The Charity is run by a small team of very experienced and qualified staff who are supported by many dedicated volunteers.

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Our Mission

The Mission is to improve the quality of life for the children and young people who attend the centre.

To encourage children to make the most of childhood by giving them the opportunities of learning to ride and care for ponies in a safe and supportive environment.


The Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre is a very special place for many people young and old. It has now been going for over 30 years.


You are invited to become part of  what we do by supporting the charity and helping it to have a long and lasting legacy. Our aim is to be around for another 30 years or more.

Support Us

The Centre can only survive with the help of our many generous donors and volunteers. There is no need to only donate, you can also help our cause by taking riding lessons, booking children birthday parties or participating at the Pony Kindergarten. 


Our Founder & History

Sister Mary-Joy founded the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre, a charity, in 1989. Since then Sister Mary-Joy Langdon has been awarded the British Empire Medal for her services to disabled and disadvantaged children.

In the 1970s she became an accomplished horsewomen and volunteered in East Sussex to work with disabled riders. She then founded the pony centre in Shepherd's Bush when she acquired three abandoned Shetland ponies and a piece of scrubland.

When she set up the pony centre in the south east of Wormwood Scrubs open space in 1989, it was the very first major stable for disabled riders. Since then her riding therapy has helped disabled children build confidence, address fear and acquire balance and other skills.


WSPC is a member group of Riding for the Disabled Association and a Branch of the Pony Club, the largest youth equestrian organization in the world. 

In 1994 the BBC Challenge Anneka Programme turned the muddy field into an indoor riding arena complete with seating for over 100 people, a Judges’ Room, toilets with facilities for disabled riders.

The following year we fundraised for new stables, tackroom, office, vet box, hay barn, feed room etc. The indoor arena was laid with an Ecotrack surface.


The Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre is an inclusive environment. We promote all strands of diversity including age, disability/ health conditions, gender, sexual orientation, race, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, religion and beliefs. We aim to become a true leader of equality, diversity and inclusion. This focus on inclusion will equip our staff and volunteers to make a difference to the WSPC, their own well being and the local community.

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