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Corporate and Group Volunteer Days

Are you looking for a team building day or a day of service for your company or group? We would love to have you!

Corporate and Group Volunteer Days

We welcome corporate and group volunteer days frequently. These days are extremely helpful for us and our teams always leave feeling happy, fulfilled, and relaxed. We're centrally located within zone 2 with good local transport connections and some parking available onsite if needed.

For volunteer days we often need help with some of the bigger infrastructure tasks, all of which help us keep our premises in the best condition ready for the next 35 years!

Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Painting of the indoor arena internally and externally.

  • Painting/oiling of the stables, fencing and field shelters. 

  • Gardening and landscaping. 

  • Tidying and organising storage areas.

We are an accessible and disability aware organisation and so all are welcome. 

We are a very friendly bunch, and offer a tranquil and happy environment, working with us offers a nice change from the office and great team building opportunity.

If you are interested in arranging corporate or group volunteering, please contact us by email.

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