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WSPC Fire Safety Week

17th June marks the beginning of our Fire Safety Awareness week here at the Pony Centre.

As many of you will be aware, Sister Mary Joy, our Founder and CEO is Britain's first female firefighter. A few weeks ago she was awarded woman of the year award for her tremendous efforts and achievements throughout her life.

Mary Joy took up firefighting in 1976, at 25 years old, during a period of extreme high summer heat, and so the East Sussex fire service required more bodies. Sr. Mary Joy rose to the challenge, and though meant to be temporary she was offered to continue her service (see fab picture below). In 1978 women firefighters were accepted everywhere in the UK. A true trailblazer!

Because of Mary Joy's experience she is very passionate about fire safety especially regarding fire and horses. Throughout the week we will be running some awareness activities for our schools and young riders.

Saturday 22nd June midday we will be holding a demonstration of the new Fire Safety Stick. These sticks are very easy to use, have a shelf life of 15 years, tackle all major causes of fire, do not require servicing like traditional fire extinguishers, have a longer discharge time, are very light and easy to handle, and leave no mess or residue!

Our demonstration will include real controlled fires using the fire safety stick to extinguish them. If you would like to attend please send an email to


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