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Congratulations to Mary Joy on becoming a RDA Mentor

The Princess Royal launched a new national Coaching Academy for RDA and announced the first Coach Mentors who are integral to the programme’s success. The Academy, which will include training for newly appointed ‘Coach Mentors’, who have been selected from RDA’s existing Advanced Coach workforce, was officially launched by Her Royal Highness on a visit to RDA’s National Training Centre in Warwickshire.

The Princess Royal Coaching Academy recognises the importance of high performing coaches working with disabled riders. The initiative will increase the number of coaches moving to advanced training, which in turn will increase the number of disabled people RDA can support, helping to tackle waiting lists and unmet demand for its services at groups all over the UK.

Sister Mary-Joy Landon has been chosen to be one of the first seven mentors on this programme. Sister Mary-Joy has been involved with RDA for over 30 years and currently runs Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre. She is keen to see RDA coaches reaching a high professional level. Congratulations Sister Mary-Joy! #RDA #HRH #Mentor


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