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May Half Term 2024

This May half term we are very lucky to welcome Jodie Worboys of 'Magique Hands' and Paul Allison of P.A. Saddler.

Jodie is an equine sports massage therapist using a variety of hands on methods and targeted Cryotherapy in the treatment of horses and ponies, and Paul is a mobile saddler and fitter, offering repairs, saddle fitting, and adjustments all on site from his mobile workshop.

Wednesday 29th May (9-12) Jodie will be giving us a demo of her work, going through the horses muscles and muscle chains on a live equine model, on whom the muscles will be painted and we can really see how they work. She will then guide us through some simple bodywork exercises we can do ourselves.

Thursday 30th May (10am start) we welcome Paul Allison, our saddler! Paul will be giving us a lecture and demo on assessing a saddle for soundness, fit, comfort and suitability for the horse. The importance of saddle fit and the impact on the horse's wellbeing and way of going of poor saddle fit.

All are very welcome to attend. Pony Club Seniors and CLTH participants free of charge, for all others £10 per person per day.


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