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Changing Lives Through Horses

BHS initiative for children and young people

Changing Lives Through Horses

'Changing Lives through Horses aims to improve the lives of young people who, for various reasons, may need additional support, are disengaged, or disadvantaged, or at risk of becoming excluded from education.

Using horses as the inspiration for change, the programme provides an alternative and complementary learning environment to mainstream education. The skills developed through the programme meet the requirements of ongoing education and training, employers and participants.'

The Pony Centre is in a very unique position, and has been 'changing lives through horses' since 1989. The work of Sister Mary Joy and the horses and ponies here has impacted hundreds of individuals. 

Now partnered with the BHS we deliver Changing Lives Through Horses in partnership with schools and local authority.  If you know a young person that may be struggling with education, at risk from exclusion, or may need additional support, please get in touch by email to discuss options

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