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Volunteering, Corporate Volunteer Days, & Donations

Our celebrated 35 years of the Pony Centre would not be possible without the ardent support of volunteers. We are always excited to welcome new volunteers to join our unique urban herd. We have lots of opportunities for volunteering, and we hope that you are able to find your place with us. We pride ourselves on being a community led centre, free from judgement. Our role here is to support you as a volunteer, whether that be through training and development, offering you a safe and relaxed space to be, or to make new friends and connections.

Have a look at the opportunities for getting involved through volunteering, work experience, and donating below. If you would like to volunteer or do work experience, please complete the form at the end of this page.

Stable Yard

Volunteering on the stable yard covers many aspects. Our first and foremost priority is the wellbeing of our horses, ponies and donkeys. Being on the stable yard is much cheaper than a gym membership! Assisting with mucking out, waters, sweeping, the muck heap, grooming, tacking up and untacking, will get you fit in a far more interesting way. Whatever your needs are we are able to support you, it is always 'what you can do that counts'! If you are interested in any or all of this list, please fill in the form at the end of this page.

Riding for the Disabled (RDA)

Volunteers are essential to the RDA community. A very rewarding way to offer your time and commitment, you will make a huge difference to the lives of our young people and their communities that visit us. Again, a very multi-faceted option from leading and sidewalking to fundraising, coaching, and events help.

For those wanting a more hands on role we offer training through theRDA starting first with the Green Card. We will train you in how to safely lead a pony with and without a rider, to side-walk and assist with mounting and dismounting, how you can help the rider during the lesson, to tack up and untack, understand the riding school language used by the coach, and to be confident and safe in the stable yard handling the horses and ponies.

RDA volunteers are welcome from 14 years of age with parental/guardian consent and no upper age limit. 

Are you looking for a team building day or a day of service for your company or group? We would love to have you! We welcome corporate volunteer days frequently. These days are extremely helpful for us and our teams always leave feeling happy, fulfilled, and relaxed. We're centrally located within zone 2 with good local transport connections and some parking available onsite if needed.

For volunteer days we often need help with some of the bigger infrastructure tasks, all of which help us keep our premises in the best condition ready for the next 35 years!

Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Painting of the indoor arena internally and externally.

  • Painting/oiling of the stables, fencing and field shelters. 

  • Gardening and landscaping. 

  • Tidying and organising storage areas.

We are an accessible and disability aware organisation and so all are welcome. 

We are a very friendly bunch, and offer a tranquil and happy environment, working with us offers a nice change from the office and great team building opportunity.

Donations are always welcome at the Pony Centre. Keeping our horses in optimal condition, happy and fulfilled in their work is our main priority. As we all know too well, costs are rising in every area of life. Being in central London we have to contend with the added difficulties of not having local feed suppliers and the challenges of deliveries within the ULEZ. Monetary donations help us ensure we always have the best for our herd. No matter the amount, your generosity makes a huge difference to us.

We also welcome donations of equipment be that tack, rugs, stable yard equipment, or school equipment etc.

We also welcome second hand donations of riding clothes for children. If you have any outgrown jodhpurs, boots, shirts/tops, all are very welcome to help support our children and young people. We can't accept donations of second hand hats though due to safety considerations.

If you would like to purchase something specifically for us please get in touch and we can discuss further with you.

If you are interesting in volunteering or work experience, please complete this enquiry form:

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